About LeanFITT™

We are customer driven, and results focused. Our methods, tools, and techniques are designed to improve your processes, your people, and your profits.

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The LeanFITT™ team and concept was forged over many years of listening to and working with clients and collaborating to improve our ability to meet their needs. Our team’s experiences are from a variety industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, service, and sales, and in diverse areas such as quality, operations, and support functions. Our client’s needs have ranged from basic Lean training to total Lean transformations, to customized methods and tools. We’ve tried to listen and meet their needs in every case.
Our LeanFITT™ team has collaborated since 2001 to author over 50 books and learning tools and materials, and yet our clients were looking for more. More tools, simpler approaches, better use of technologies, and improving more quickly and sustainably; simply put continuous improvement in our continuous improvement methods, tools, and techniques.
To help meet our client’s dynamic needs, Lean apps were developed in 2014, and made available in iOS, and Android formats. While these apps were powerful, and streamlined many Lean methods and tools, they lacked connectivity between users. Our clients wanted a more collaborative approach within their organization. This need gave birth to LeanFITT™.
LeanFITT™ is our most recent adaptation to our client’s needs. LeanFITT™ facilitates Lean team collaboration, and can generate clear and compelling payback for your Lean program. One client has said, “LeanFITT™ is like Sharepoint for our Lean program, but with specific, custom Lean tools provided.” Client reactions and feedback like this is what drives us to the next level. No doubt there will be new and evolving Lean needs, and we expect to be there to achieve them.

LeanFITT™ Founders

Don Tapping

Don Tapping graduated from The University of Michigan in 1976. He spent the next four years as a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in various positions during his tour. After completing his Corps duties, Don worked in the medical technology, education, and aerospace industries for the next 20 years. Don authored the best-selling book, Value Stream Management for the Lean Office (Productivity Press 2003), Lean Office Demystified (II), Who Hollered Fore?, and over 50 other books and apps on business performance - setting the bar for continuous improvements. He continues to enlighten organizations with his ability to design step-by-step implementation methodologies identifying processes that require improvement, and then introducing proactive steps to improve or redesign them - reducing costs, boosting performance, and increasing customer (patient) satisfaction. Don today is using his experience in developing apps on how Lean can be applied using smart devices. Don also received his MBA from The University of Notre Dame.

Rob Ptacek

Rob Ptacek is a Partner in the Global Lean Institute and President and CEO of Competitive Edge Training and Consulting, a firm specializing in leader and organizational development, and Lean Enterprise transformations. Rob holds a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a Masters of Management from Aquinas College. Rob has held leadership positions in Quality, Sales, and Operations Management, and has over 25 years of practical experience implementing continuous improvements in a variety of industries. Rob can be contacted at ptacek@i2k.com.

Todd Sperl

Todd Sperl is an enthusiastic, creative speaker and process improvement expert who looks beyond today’s problems to find tomorrow’s solutions. As Owner and Managing Partner of Lean Fox Solutions, Todd’s vision is to improve the patient care experience from one healthcare touch point to the next. As a Master Black Belt and Lean Sensei, Todd’s exceptional track record of process improvement has been based on his philosophy of total enterprise engagement in change. Todd received his BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and an MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Todd can be contacted at tsperl@leanfoxsolutions.com or visit www.leanfoxsolutions.com.

Abhishek Paul

Abhishek is a self-taught developer, designer and is the founder of Astakyuta Private Limited and co-founder of LeanFITT and ManagementFITT. Although he attended courses in Computer Science at AIT (Bangalore), Abhishek has always craved something more than conventional education. Without a traditional degree, Abhishek has been able to learn and grow through his professional work, starting with his first project in college and continuing to work as a freelance developer and coder for the last seven years. Now he heads his team of like minded developers at Astakyuta while also working to cultivate a community of innovators.

Through Astakyuta Private Limited, Abhishek provides opportunities for the next generation of engineers as they complete projects together that push the industry forward. Astakyuta Private Limited is a digital solutions company specializing in full-stack development. From the conception of the project through its final optimization, the team is there every step of the way. Abhishek and his team work with companies to create a variety of tools, including desktop sites, mobile apps, and more. The team provides full, in-house services in UI/UX design, web development, system audits, and more. Through Astakyuta Private Limited, Abhishek has worked with companies such as Shoot and Share, the Leanstore, and LeanFITT.

Contact Email: paul@astakyuta.com

LeanFITT™ Advisors

Deborah Salimi

Deborah brings a practical approach to Lean, based on applied learning. Her experience spans three continents in manufacturing, project management, logistics, not for profit health care and higher education. She co-founded and is a key leader at the Lean Gulf Institute, spreading Lean awareness, professional development and empowerment through process improvement activities. She holds an Engineering degree from Boston University, an MBA and PhD. Deborah can be contacted at deb@leangulf.org or visit www.leangulf.org.

David Herber

Mr. David Herber is President of Metal Innovations, an industrial sales representative entity specializing in the marketing and sales of engineered components to a variety of markets and customers including the Tier 1, 2, and 3 automotive, agricultural, hardware, and consumer products industries. Mr. Herber has had over 30 years of “hands on” direct experience in the management of the entire industrial sales process, including marketing strategies to locate and develop new prospective customers, selling strategies to current customers, web based and printed media development, trade show deployment, establishing effective request for quote (RFQ) processes, pricing and work center overhead rate strategies, contract negotiation strategies to automotive and non automotive customers, marketing as a “solution based enterprise,” management of company direct sales personnel and the development and management of independent manufacturers representatives. Prior to founding Metal Innovations, Mr. Herber spent 20 years with Trans-Matic Mfg., Holland, MI (USA) in the positions of Customer Service, Estimating, Account Management, Director of Sales/Marketing and Vice President of Sales/Marketing. During his 12 years of direct sales activities, corporate sales increased in excess of 250% from $14 million to $48 million. Mr. Herber’s sales entity Metal Innovations has experienced similar growth as over $25 million of new sales have been generated to Metal Innovation’s partnered firms. Mr. Herber has held numerous positions within the Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA), Independence, OH (USA) including West Michigan District Director and West Michigan District Chair positions. He has been a member of the PMA Strategic Marketing Committee. He has been a board member with Fleetwood Group of Holland, MI (USA) and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College, Holland, MI.

Primary areas of consulting and support

  • Lean Sales and Service Transformation and Leadership
  • Sales person training, basic and advanced
  • Leadership and Supervisor training and improvement

Secondary areas of consulting and support

  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales and Quality Improvement tools
Russ Richardson

Mr. Richardson sold his interest in a company that he co-founded in the fall of 2001. His company was cited in Managing Automation cover story February 2001 as one of the top 25 emerging technology companies in America to watch. During that venture Mr. Richardson was cited in Quality Magazine, Automotive News and a number of other publications. He currently serves as a partner in Global Lean Institute. He leads companies acting as interim CEO. His experience has been with Tier 1 Automotive suppliers and Aerospace. He has worked in plastic injection molding, stamping, tool & die, investment casting, steel foundries, assembly plants, and machine building companies. He has also worked with banks and legal counsel in various roles of receiverships and bankruptcy issues. He has 20 years experience in the manufacturing environment holding Plant Manager and Operational Manager positions. He has assisted with several Japanese transplants and has had extensive training and implementation in Lean Manufacturing. He has performed over 100 Kaizen initiatives implementing pull systems, 5-S, TPS, TPM, Poka Yoke solutions, and Kan Ban systems. He has also been involved with several QS and ISO implementations from inception to external audit review. His work has centered on solving complex problems and defining opportunities for organizations. His leadership has resulted in well-documented improvements on the manufacturing floor as well as the performance of individuals and teams. He has worked closely with companies helping develop organizational structure and leadership groups to assist in the growth of these companies. He has worked in China, South Korea, Canada and Mexico. Mr. Richardson earned a B.B.A. from Grand Valley State University in 1988 and an M.M. from Aquinas College in 1995.

Primary areas of consulting and support

  • Executive Leadership and financial management
  • Rapid turn-arounds
  • Lean Manufacturing Transformations and Leadership
  • Leadership and Supervisor training and improvement

Secondary areas of consulting and support

  • Culture Shifts
  • Lean and Six Sigma Tools
Dr. William Mothersell

Dr. William M. Mothersell (Ph.D. Michigan State University) is an Associate Professor of Management at the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University – Grand Rapids, MI, USA. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in business and industrial-organizational psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in employee relations and political science, a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations with a concentration in human resources and labor relations, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in strategic human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational development, and lean transformation. Dr. Mothersell currently teaches courses in organizational development and planned change, compensation and benefit systems, and teambuilding. He also teaches graduate courses in organizational development, strategic human resource management, organizational behavior, and high-performance work systems. Dr. Mothersell is the co-author of a book entitled “Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices.” His research activities have also resulted in co-authoring lean transformation journal articles entitled; “A brownfield conversion: A case study of Open Belgium,” “Hoshin Kanri planning: The five alignments behind the Toyota Production System,” “Japanese Team-Based Work Systems in North America: Explaining the Diversity,” and “Constructing Employment Security: Understanding the Emergence of Mutual Commitment.” His current writing, research and consulting involves lean production, large-scale change, and Hoshin Kanri planning systems. His consulting, training, and research activities have been conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Japan. Dr. Mothersell has held numerous positions at General Motors Corporation and with Ford Motor Company in his 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. These positions include: production operations; skilled trades; participative leadership and management; recruitment; compensation; organizational and personnel planning; plant labor relations/contract negotiation; division-wide personnel relations; division-wide organizational development responsible for the design and implementations of team-based work systems; and, company-wide design and implementation of lean manufacturing, HR systems and team-based work organization.

Areas of consulting and support

  • Lean Manufacturing Transformations and Leadership
  • Leadership and Supervisor training and improvement
  • Executive Leadership
  • Labor Relations and Culture Shifts
Dr. Jaideep Motwani

Dr. Jaideep Motwani is Chair and Professor of Management at the Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University since 2000. He received his Ph.D. degree in Operations Management from University of North Texas. He has co-authored a book entitled “Classics in Operations Management,” and published more than 150 articles in prestigious journals such as Operations Research, IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management, European Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research, Omega, Business Horizons, Journal of Operational Research Society, among others. Majority of Dr. Motwani’s publications are in the area of total quality management, lean manufacturing, strategic manufacturing, technology management and global competitiveness. In 2004, Dr. Motwani was ranked among the Top 1% Researcher in the field of Technology Management by the International Association of Management of Technology (IAMOT). He also appears in several Who’s Who in the World publications annually and is the recipient of the Michigan Outstanding Educator’s Award granted by the Governor of Michigan. Dr. Motwani serves as an Editor for two international journals and on the Editorial Board of 12 prestigious national and international journals. He has taught and conducted research seminars in major universities in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Thailand, and United Kingdom. He also serves as a global consultant and trainer for a number of organizations in the Unites States, India, Europe, and Middle East. Some of his recent clients include: Herman Miller, Nokia, Oliver Products, among others.

Areas of consulting and support

  • Executive Leadership
  • Lean Manufacturing Transformations and Leadership
  • Lean Sales and Service Transformation and Leadership
  • Leadership and Supervisor training and improvement
  • Culture Shifts

LeanFITT™ Developers

Debajyoti Das

Debajyoti Das is the Co-founder and CEO of Astakyuta Private Limited. He completed his B.Tech in the year 2016. His teenage has been engraved into computers. He is also the head of the developer team in LeanFitt and LeanFITT Management. His vision was to create a platform where similar ideas and work culture can grow and also to find and create new opportunities. As a freelancer, he saw the team effort to put work on the table to which he sees the biggest challenge to managing people. Debajyoti and Abhishek shared similar ideas which brought the company on its present stage. His vision for the company is bonding and togetherness. The company is a platform through which he could bring people sharing similar thoughts and creativity to design products & solutions. His ideology is about success "a peace of mind after creating something.' Debajyoti Das finds the stereotypical society which doesn't encourage to do certain things. Debajyoti Das wants to create a sense of responsibilities into his employees in Astakyuta which is a place "where we can unite."

Samir Maikap

As a leader of the LeanFITT web division, he is responsible for developing the backend for the project and managing the front end part. Since joining LeanFITT, He has grown the division into a team that covers everything from customer insights to analytics and data science. Samir's ideology signifies the core value of Astakyuta, and his work resembles his dedication towards the future of the company.

Arijit Nag

Arijit Nag completed his Bachelor's degree from Computer Sc & Technology from Kingston Education Institute. He is working as Junior front-end developer. After a year of experience, he is working as a UI/UX Engineer, Lead Quality Analysis, Lead Support at LeanFITT, and ManagementFITT Support. He has consistently in his job and attempts to deliver without fail. He also adds significant value to LeanFITT.

Jyotirmoy Saha

He has completed his Junior Engineering from AIT Bangalore and finished his B.Tech in Computer Science through Camellia School of Engineering & Technology Kolkata. He is a tremendously hard working person who is always there to help others and bring Leanfitt to its current position. He is currently working as a Web Developer in Astakyuta.

Rohit pramanik

He completed his diploma course in Animation from Arena Animation multimedia and pursuing with B.SC in Math from IGNOU. He is the Ui-Ux designer and graphic designer. He also does animation and video editing for Leanfitt.
Although being young enough for the job, he is an excellent artist who gave the impression of the visual effect of ManagementFITT and LeanFITT.